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Christmas 2015

Our Story


Whetstone's Past

Calvin's maternal grandparents purchased the property in 1918 and built the barn and house. His parents purchased the property in 1948, adding onto the house, and doing so again in the ’50s. Calvin's father (Jack) built the gas station in 1950, which opened under the Standard Oil brand. In the ’60s, he began selling antiques, and by 1959 had switched over totally to antiques. We already owned some of the original farm property, and in 1997, we purchased the remainder of the property and the business.

We re-opened the former gas station antique shop, keeping the name Whetstone’s Antiques, and we have since moved the shop into the farmhouse. Current owners: Calvin and Anne Whetstone

Future owner: Jennifer Whetstone (daughter)

Lawrence (Jack) Whetstone 1909-1998


The old Standard station

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